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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions

Do i need any experience to be on a boat?

No. That’s one of the great thing about onboard stays.
It’s the perfect way to experience the nautical lifestyle for the first time. You can ask our experts for help to have a safe and fun on a boat. We recommend taking relaxing breaks for dinner at a local restaurant, rather than cooking on board , and using the marina showers, to minimize water waste. Take time on board to relax.

Can i have Poetik Whisper’s phone number?
You will receive details from the experts after your booking is accepted so that you can make the necessary final arrangements.
How many passengers are needed?

Private charters are perfect for families and small groups, from 2 to 8+ travelers.
Therefore, there is no set minimum for booking a Charter.
Our charter clientes range from Couple Meetings to Family Reunions, Institutional and Marriage Groups, Business Groups and Clubs. Everyone looks for private charts. And we also organize the simples and most affordable meeting rental for families.

Can i bring my pet?

Yes, pets are allowed on the boats.

Are there toilets/showers on board?

Yes. But we recommend that you use onshore facilities whenever they are available. Most marinas will ask you to do the same, as they may have wastewater rules.

Can i trust when making a payment?
You can have complete confidence when making reservations on board. All payment are made using a secure payment method. Details are kept safe, they are never disclosed to third parties. We hold payment until after a successful Check-in so you can report any issues.
Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is not allowed inside or outside any of our boats, only on our docks.
Can I cook on the boat?

The boats have microwave oven, toaster, coffee makers and refrigerators.

Can i have a party?

While a maximum number of people are allowed on board (including overnight guests), we do not allow parties out of respect for the ships and other passengers on our pier.
Please let our team know if you need help with your cake or balloons, your favorite flowers or a bottle of your favorite wine.